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The Bob Marley Tour will take you to Nine Mile, a quaint little village in the beautiful mountains of St Ann, Jamaica where each year thousands upon thousands of Bob Marley fans make their pilgrimage to pay their respects and to experience the birth place and final resting place of the King Of Reggae.

Our Bob Marley Reggae adventure begins directly from your hotel or cruise ship pier. From Ocho Rios, Nine Mile is a 1 1/2 hour drive through the countryside and is a journey that introduces you to a part of Jamaica that few visitors have the opportunity to appreciate.




















Our breathtaking drive to the Graceland of Reggae begins with a tour through the famous Fern Gully where we wind our way uphill through some of the most beautiful scenery in Ocho Rios.

Our ride continues into the Jamaican country side as we enjoy the sounds of Bob Marley and take in the rural villages of Jamaica's hillside .Upon your arrival to Nine Mile you will experience the neighborhood and home that influenced Bob Marley to write lyrics for some of his most famous songs.



















Your tour starts with a walk through the very same house that Bob lived as a young child. Your Rastafarian guide will share tales of Bob Marley's childhood and musical career.

Our Bob Marley Nine Mile Excursion is a tour for die hard Bob Marley fans and for those seeking a better understanding of a young man whose music and vision helped change the thoughts of people world wide. His music and his message had a global effect and his untimely death made him a legend and an icon.
















On your return trip to Ocho Rios we can stop for some shopping or visit a Local Jerk Chicken center where you can experience an authentic lunch of jerk chicken, pork and rice and peas.

Robert Nestor Marley spoke of the simple ways of rural life. He spoke of peace, respect and freedom. These are the values and qualities instilled during his youthful days in the small mountain village locals still call Nine Mile.

One love and one great Jamaican adventure. If you are a Bob Marley fan, do not miss it.

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